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Impartial Advice Raised To An Art Form

There’s a wealth of knowledge relating to all aspects of cruise available at the click of a mouse, but when it comes to personalisation only a reputable specialist makes the grade.

With more than 30 years experience in all aspects of elite cruise holidays; many devotees of seaborne sophistication have selected me as their go-to advocate for the perfect cruise solution. Having an understanding of the intricacies of each luxury cruise line, dovetailed with specific requirements, enables me to tailor-make the ideal option to suit individual tastes and aspirations.

I am proud that so many connoisseurs of cruising rely on my proficiency and personal attention; I am never happier than receiving acclaim for my tailor-made guidance and resolutions.

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Your Expeditions

There is a guiding principle of travel that says the harder a place is to get to, the better it usually is when you arrive; so it is with expedition cruises. As more of us want to be travellers rather than tourists..........

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Your Rivers

River cruises offer the ultimate in serene exploration around the world. No other mode of transport allows you to slip so silently into the heart of cities, towns and villages making excursions all the more convenient..........

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Your Oceans

Luxury is not about excess; nor is it about cost; it’s about inherent values that are personal and profound. Elite Cruises’ almanac of unsurpassed experiences at sea offers a passport to an indulgent world. Each voyage in this..........

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Tailor-Made Cruises

Is It Safe to Book in These Turbulent Times?

Yes it is.

In these challenging times it’s important to know that you can still plan to cruise with peace of mind, knowing that you are protected.

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to the relaxed T&C’s offered by different cruise lines, but there is some commonality. Be mindful however, these do change as the situation evolves.

Across the cruise lines featured on my site criteria such as longer provisional booking times, lower deposits, ability to cancel nearer to departure, later balance payment dates, Future Cruise Credits and refunds are available options – each significantly more favourable than normal.

The Cruise Line International Association is the cruise industry’s governing body and the vast majority of cruise lines are members. CLIA are behind the protocols being put into place for the Cruise Industry Health and Safety Guidance.

Simply contact me for guidance in navigating the current regulations to ensure the best solution for you. My advice will be forthright and impartial.

Can we plan & book a cruise? – Yes we most certainly can…….


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There’s a wealth of knowledge relating to all aspects of cruise available at the click of a mouse, but when it comes to personalisation only a reputable specialist makes the grade.

Impartial Advice

Raised To An Art Form

Having an understanding of the intricacies of each luxury cruise line, dovetailed with specific requirements, enables me to tailor-make the ideal option to suit individual tastes and aspirations.

Your Travel

Worldwide regions awaiting your visit

Arabian Gulf & Indian Ocean

For centuries, dhows docked at Dubai to unload their treasure of glinting pearls, coveted silks and exotic spices. Such merchandise can still be found in Bur Dubai where the spice and gold souks are the Arabia of Lawrence, Sinbad, and the thousand and one nights all rolled into one. Latter-day pursuits include camel racing and dune-buggying.

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Nestling around its magnificent harbour, Sydney is the southern hemisphere’s most spectacular port. Arriving here is breathtaking: after navigating past the narrow, rocky ‘Heads’, cruise ships - surrounded by a flotilla of welcoming yachts - berth at the Ocean Terminal in the shadow of the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

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Polar Regions

At the bottom of the globe lies the frozen continent of Antarctica encircled by pack-ice and covered by an ice-sheet several miles deep. The scene is set as cruises sail through the narrow Lemaire Channel, known as ‘Kodak Gap’ due to its delphinium-blue glaciers.

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Northern Europe

While Norway’s rugged western coastline offers a potpourri of natural splendour, it’s the serene fjords that are Instagram gold. Created during a succession of ice ages, when glaciers carved out deep chasms, these most spectacular geological formations are long, narrow inlets that reach far into the surrounding mountains.

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Alaska may be America’s ‘Last Frontier’, but when it comes to untamed natural beauty its first without equal. The coast of Alaska is littered with amazing glaciers – none more breathtaking than the Mendenhall Glacier reached by helicopters which land on the ice field. Float planes also fly over the Norris and mighty Taku Glaciers offering an eagle-eye perspective of these ice-floes with deep crevasses, and sapphire-blue meltwater pools.

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Trading ships from as far back as the 12th century have plied Oriental waters. Revelling in their cultural diversity, Asian nations share a history of commerce due to their proximity. Herein lies the magic for latter-day visitors - for this mosaic is perfect for a seaborne odyssey.

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South Africa

Nowhere wakes up with a greater sense of optimism than South Africa. Some say it is the light, as if the sky has just been peeled back to reveal an unblemished eternity, others cite the unmistakable fruitfulness of hot, red soil after the rain.

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South America

South America is a continent of contrasts, one that has long enchanted travellers by virtue of its natural and cultural wonders. Cruises follow in the footsteps of Drake and Magellan around one of the most captivating regions of the world.

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For many, the word Caribbean is synonymous with cruising. A collection of 7,000 differing islands set in azure seas, each with their own culture and style and perfect for those who want abundant activities during their cruise; as well as honeymooners and those celebrating wedding anniversaries.

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The world’s largest inland sea, enclosed by three continents, stretches more than 2,200 miles from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Black Sea. Offering a seductive mix of cultures, geography and history, the Mediterranean could be said to be the world in microcosm.

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What our clients say

You are my 'dedicated keyworker', your emails always giving me hope during lockdown in London, reminding me one day Charles and I will have a cocktail by the pool on a nice cruise, it doesn't matter even if I have to keep my mask on.

Allan Tam

Thanks so much Francesca - that is an excellent outcome - you are a star!

Pippa Ridout

Many thanks for your latest bulletin on the cruise industry I found it interesting and helpful.  As usual you are a real credit to the cruise industry.

Aubrey Shlaen

Congratulations Francesca.

That is an amazing re-branding and the site is so well designed and the content easy to follow. Well done for using these difficult times in such a constructive way. I hope it brings the success it deserves. It will be my first port of call!
Ron Fidler

Hi F
Congratulations. That is really impressive and, more importantly, true.
It is now entered in my 'favourites', as it is just that, of course.
Shattered my thoughts that I was the only customer so I will have to just accept being the most difficult.
(too amusing not to share - about my new Elite Cruises website)

I was waiting for this announcement after you sent the last two emails under the new Elite banner!
You HAVE been busy putting all this together...... so positive, creative, clever and BRILLIANT! Really well done Francesca. We love it. Viva cruising...Viva Francesca... Viva Elite!
(just love my clients)
Rosemary & David Williams

Congratulations on an amazing web site Francesca. You have worked so hard and achieved so much I wish you the very best of luck with this “new“ venture, albeit in the same industry. You were always  there with very sound advice and great ideas when Jeff and I were booking cruises. I just feel so sad that those days are now over for me, but I know many many more people will benefit from your wonderful expertise. Do keep me on your emailing list, because I love reading your emails !! (such wonderful feedback on the release of my new Elite Cruises site)

Anne Bradshaw

Great. Good news indeed and a prompt, Francesca-esqe reply to boot. 😀
You have saved us loads of deliberation and decision making.
Ernie Jackson

Having you organise my cruise activity over many years, and having spent hundreds of thousands with you, I cannot say I have ever been disappointed. Your attention to detail, ability to understand individual customer requirements is second to none. Your energy level is phenomenal. You seem to be available to handle any issues (trivial or otherwise) - 24/7 - a true mark of genuine customer care. What a great philosophy!!

Andrew Barrett

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