(Effective 18th March 2024 – Version 1)

I’ve hummed and ha-ed about where to put this information together in the best way and where it will be easiest to share and view as and when required. Landed on doing an article on my website as there are some important changes to be aware of.

First and foremost, Silversea’s prices went up on the 18th March 2024. This will follows on from the end of the current marketing campaign which has been extremely popular.

There is a new campaign in effect for a short snap, including 56 voyages and the next campaign will start on 13th April.

For a while now there have been predominantly three different styles of pricing – Door to Door (or door to door cruise only) or Port to Port. There was also one other fare basis, that being Port to Port pre-paid, which personally I haven’t been much of a fan of. The terms and conditions (most specifically relating to flexibility and cancellation) for these three fare types were varied and became more restricted as you paid less for your cruise.

Door to Door was previously available on all voyages. Port to Port and Port to Port Prepaid was available only on selected voyages.

Door to Door and Port to Port previously had different terms and conditions.

“What’s new then”, I hear you ask………

There will be 3 clear cut fare bases – Door to Door – Port to Port – Essential. Please find these outlined below, along with comparisons where I felt it appropriate to detail.

DescriptionSilversea’s all inclusive fareCruise only fareLast minute value fare
InclusionsCruise+Excursions+Economy air**+Transfers+BlacklaneCruise+ExcursionsCruise only (no excursions)*
FlightsIf removed there will no longer be an air credit visible as it will be reflected in the updated costNot ApplicableNot applicable
Price guarantee programmeYesYesNo
Eligible cruisesAll voyages ****All voyagesSelect voyages –
Lower suites***
Payment terms25% – Final payment 120 days prior to departure25% – Final payment 120 days prior to departure100% when booking
New Cancellation terms>151 days : £200 pp fee/FCC
150-121 days : 15%
120-91 days : 25%
90-61 days : 50%
60-31 days : 75%
30-0 days : 100%
>151 days : £200 pp fee/FCC
150-121 days : 15%
120-91 days : 25%
90-61 days : 50%
60-31 days : 75%
30-0 days : 100%
100% loss
Previous Cancellation terms>151 days : £200 pp
150-121 days : 15%
120-91 days : 25%
90-61 days : 50%
60-31 days : 75%
30-0 days : 100%
>151 : Loss of deposit
150-121 days : 30%
120-91 days : 50%
90-61 days : 75%
60-0 days : 100%
*Excursions remain for Expedition voyages along with the Expedition packageCheck with us on an ad-hoc basis as which lower suites are available may/will vary from voyage to voyage***
**Business/Premium upgrade prices can be requested, subject to availabilityFlight inclusive D2D may become unavailable if air no longer available ****
Compare the new pricing structures

On board savingsYesYesYes
Combo voyage savingsYesYesYes
Venetian Society savingsYesYesNo
Venetian Society days cumulativeYesYesYes
Venetian Society SailingsYesYesNo
Fare guarantee programmeYesYesNo
Public promotionsYesYesNo
Air, hotel, transfersIncludedNoNo
Pre / post land packagesCan be addedCan be addedNo
Single occupancy rates where applicable (vary voyage by voyage)YesYesYes
Children and/or 3rd/4th sharing pricesYesYesYes
Combo VoyagesYesYesYes
Grand and World VoyagesYesYesEnquire

Useful additional information

  • If you book D2D and wish to change to P2P you have to cancel at whatever the terms advise above and re-book
  • Essential fares may be available for Special combo voyages, Grand Voyages or World Cruises – under differing Terms and Conditions as can be views on the Silversea website.
  • Silversea plan to continue quarterly price adjustments
  • With D2D if there are no longer flights available, D2D will simply no longer be visible as an option to book. You will therefore have to select with us, either P2P or if within 5 months of departure, Essential if the sailing qualifies for this price bracket
  • Essential – will only be available on select voyages that fall within 5 months of departure
  • Essential – will only be available on lower categories of suite such as Vista, Panorama and Veranda – nothing above Deluxe Veranda category. What categories are available will need checking with us on an ad-hoc basis.
  • An aside is that ‘forced’ overnights are not always included for long haul destinations. We have recently noticed that for some bookings they are coming in as chargeable
  • I believe, but have yet to have confirmed, the fact that P2P prepaid is no longer an option. The Essential price bracket is similar, but without excursions.
  • Please CLICK HERE to view the Silversea brochure about these new fare bases, which arrived in my inbox on the 19th March.

I do hope you have found this insight useful. To discuss anything and all things Silversea, simpy reach out to us at Elite Cruises.