You are my 'dedicated keyworker', your emails always giving me hope during lockdown in London, reminding me one day Charles and I will have a cocktail by the pool on a nice cruise, it doesn't matter even if I have to keep my mask on.

Allan Tam

Thanks so much Francesca - that is an excellent outcome - you are a star!

Pippa Ridout

Many thanks for your latest bulletin on the cruise industry I found it interesting and helpful.  As usual you are a real credit to the cruise industry.

Aubrey Shlaen

Congratulations Francesca.

That is an amazing re-branding and the site is so well designed and the content easy to follow. Well done for using these difficult times in such a constructive way. I hope it brings the success it deserves. It will be my first port of call!

Ron Fidler

Hi F
Congratulations. That is really impressive and, more importantly, true.
It is now entered in my 'favourites', as it is just that, of course.
Shattered my thoughts that I was the only customer so I will have to just accept being the most difficult.
(too amusing not to share - about my new Elite Cruises website)


I was waiting for this announcement after you sent the last two emails under the new Elite banner!
You HAVE been busy putting all this together...... so positive, creative, clever and BRILLIANT! Really well done Francesca. We love it. Viva cruising...Viva Francesca... Viva Elite!
(just love my clients)

Rosemary & David Williams

Congratulations on an amazing web site Francesca. You have worked so hard and achieved so much I wish you the very best of luck with this “new“ venture, albeit in the same industry. You were always  there with very sound advice and great ideas when Jeff and I were booking cruises. I just feel so sad that those days are now over for me, but I know many many more people will benefit from your wonderful expertise. Do keep me on your emailing list, because I love reading your emails !! (such wonderful feedback on the release of my new Elite Cruises site)

Anne Bradshaw

Great. Good news indeed and a prompt, Francesca-esqe reply to boot. 😀
You have saved us loads of deliberation and decision making.

Ernie Jackson

Having you organise my cruise activity over many years, and having spent hundreds of thousands with you, I cannot say I have ever been disappointed. Your attention to detail, ability to understand individual customer requirements is second to none. Your energy level is phenomenal. You seem to be available to handle any issues (trivial or otherwise) - 24/7 - a true mark of genuine customer care. What a great philosophy!!

Andrew Barrett

The cardinal advantage of your service is that it is personal and that if queries are outside your extensive knowledge of the travel business you are able to find the answers we require and always respond swiftly.

Mr & Mrs K

We give you 7 stars, Francesca, for your wonderful personal, friendly and extremely efficient service. You always go beyond the call of duty in your dedication to your clients, responding to e mails so speedily and offering such good advice, whether during the day, evening or weekend. Nothing is too much trouble for you and we are always happy to recommend you to our friends.

Sandra Flitterman

Directly as a result of Francesca’s thoughtful and good advice, we have become regular clients of hers in recent years, booking a number of successful cruises with her. Throughout this time we have been impressed by her professionalism, speed of response and attention to detail.  She takes the trouble to ask the right questions and so makes entirely relevant recommendations; there’s no time-wasting with Francesca on inappropriate product offers. Having found a potentially suitable holiday, Francesca willingly goes to great lengths to meet her clients’ very specific and probably rather demanding criteria.

Mr & Mrs M