Responsiveness and personal knowledge are the most important qualities I want and expect in a travel agent, and Francesca gets an A+ grade in both. Add to that competence and an unflappable work ethic in the face of the recent upheavals. She has booked, cancelled, and rebooked three different cruises during this time. I fully trust her judgement and advice and couldn’t imagine using anyone else.

Charles Schwarck

First class service from start to finish

Bryan Hatter

On the spot, on the ball, and on my side.

Barry Abrahams

Really knows her stuff and is really good with all the mundane paperwork etc.

Roger Ladyman

Francesa, always open all hours

Eric Nash

Arrived back after a wonderful cruise on the Silver Spirit – it exceeded all expectations and Andrea Bocelli was the icing on the cake. I can only thank you for the introduction to this special Line, also a very special thank you for your patience in taking this inexperienced sea traveller through the myriad of preparations, answering all my questions with understanding and not ever sounding tired! All the information you gave me about the cruise was so helpful and accurate, all the transfers went like a dream, nothing went astray and we literally sailed through on a cloud of contentment – thank you again for a wonderful experience. With all best wishes and renewed appreciation for your patience and great assistance.

Barbara Orman