• July 22, 2021
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  • by Francesca Barone
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There’s something very romantic about the idea of a more traditional way of traversing the world’s oceans when under sail. Possibly the single-most spine tingling moment for me is the actual silence of your movement cutting through the waves once the Captain’s instruction has allowed the crew to raise the sails and have the engines shut down. There’s peace and tranquility, which is so good for our souls, right there…….

The amazing Golden Horizon is a newcomer to this area of the industry with newly formed (2020), Tradewind Voyages. She set off on her inaugural season a few weeks ago now. There are lots of other sensational voyages and destinations that can be experienced during her forthcoming seasons.

Be instantly transported to this wonderful experience and visualize yourself on board with this quick overview video

I have written about Golden Horizon before (Blog dated 29th November 2020), so you can back track to that on my site herein for a more in depth explanation of the ship herself. For now however, I’m prompted to do another update so showcase a couple of wonderful Croatian and Adriatic voyages for 2021.


Either of these beautiful itineraries in one of my favourite parts of Europe, can be packaged up including pre and or post cruise hotels, flights and transfers to perfectly match your requirements. I would strongly deter you from the temptation to acquire flights and or hotels yourself independently. You will have ZERO protection and if ever there was a time to be using a reputable travel agent such as myself, now is it.

You can be safe in the knowledge that you are protected, for peace of mind, by Tradewind Voyages’s Cruise with Confidence Policy. Full details of that and more can of course, be found on their website.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss either of these possibilities. Always delighted for you to share any of my posts with your own connections who you feel may be interested. I look forward to being of service. Francesca/Elite Cruises.